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Food of Bulgaria


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food(Drawn by V.E)

Bulgaria is a country of many foods and it shared lots of lovely meals with us throughout the week we spent in the city Sofia.

Here’s a few of them 🙂

SAM_1043The spread that awaited us each morning at breakfast. SAM_1041 SAM_1040

SAM_1143Wild Mushrooms


Cheese, cheese and more cheese…


Roasted Pork





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  1. plexity says:

    That roast pork looks lovely. The best roast pork sandwich ever was one I had in Portugal, I think, not in Lisbon, so perhaps Coimbra (misspelt, I think) could have been Spain, Malaga or Granada or Seville. Anyway, it was somewhere on the Iberian peninsula, in a city, from a little kiosk on the side of a family restaurant, in one of those streets with 10 storeys of apartments and washing hanging from all the balconies. It was baby pig, only 6 weeks old ‘suckling pig’. Penny Wilson will hate me for this.

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