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20 Challenges for 2014


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Each year I set myself a new years resolution, and each year I give up after just a couple of days because of drive to succeed at it. This year I have decided to do something with a difference where I hand all responsibility over to friends and colleagues on Facebook in deciding 20 challenges for me to complete throughout the year. Soon after asking for ideas I had an exciting list emerging, some more extreme than others.

Here I will keep a regular diary of how I’m getting on, who’s knows there may even be some photos to share! See below for the challenges I will be attempting…

  1. Organise 20 Play Days in August with organisations/parks in your area.
  2. Start training to do a marathon for 2015
  3. Record a video about my experiences as a Playworker, my take on the state of play in the UK, what an adventure playground looks like, include the Playworkers travelling journal etc. for trainers to use with their students!!
  4. Get a local paper to do a big piece on the state of play in 2014, or a local radio station!
  5. Learn Tae Kwon Do
  6. Do a skydive and raise £1,000
  7. Once a month try a new restaurant and take someone new with me.
  8. Travel to a new country
  9. Learn how to fail – be a loser!!!!
  10. Give up my mobile phone for a month
  11. Smile at a stranger every day
  12. Give up my favourite food for a week
  13. Getting up an hour earlier every day for a week
  14. Make someone smile every day with a call or message saying something nice to them
  15. Make a new friend every month
  16. Have my picture taken in five interesting places (Interesting as in a place not many would know, been in)
  17. Learn something I didn’t learn as a child
  18. Swim with sharks
  19. Go gorge walking
  20. Cycle to work at least once a week
  21. Abseiling
  22. Learn a new language
  23. Go swim in the sea on Christmas Day
  24. Spend a day with Play Torbay

Be back soon with the first of many updates 🙂



  1. playtorbay says:

    Fantastic list Vicky! We look forward to reading how you get on and to challenge number 24 in particular! 😀

  2. Thank you Play Torbay, I’m eagerly awaiting a date when will best to visit but until then I have the conference to look forward to…Maybe some more planning can made then? x

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